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Do you complain?

Article posted on Saturday, March, 5th, 2011 at 7:59 am

Brits for a long time have had this image of a reserved nature, one where we don’t like to complain and actually suffer in silence, unlike our friends across the pond.

According to figures that FindFinancialAdvice has read from the Financial Ombudsman Service, there were 100,000 complaints made against high street banks in the second half of 2010; this figure is up 15% on the first half of the year and the equivalent of 534 a day. Although some were initially dismissed by the banks, 53% of those were subsequently upheld in favour of the customer.

Banks are still the main culprits for bad advice with unfair charges on mortgages, loans, credit cards. Of the complaints that were initially dismissed by the banks, a staggering 53% were upheld.

Lloyds, Bank of Scotland, Natwest and HSBC all had thousands of complaints last year. When staff pay is linked to the sales of financial products rather then customer service, then maybe this is no surprise.

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