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How much interest are you earning on your savings account?

Article posted on Wednesday, July, 6th, 2011 at 9:15 am

Findfinancialadvice recently found out that some of the big banks including Halifax, Natwest, RBS and Santander all refuse to print interest rates on your statement. This means that savers are forced to trawl the various websites trying to find out something which should be on their statement in the first place.

Not only are interest rates not shown on statements but savings accounts have such similar names that distinguishing which account of a similar name is yours is another unnecessary challenge….what happened to keeping things clear, simple and in plain language???

Bank also continue to advertise on their websites only the ‘flagship accounts’ , i.e. those with the eye catching rates. Which in reality only offer you the attractive rate for a year and then revert to a much lower rate.

For example, Santander have a 3.3% Flexible Isa is given pride of place on the website but their older accounts paying as little as 0.1% are hidden away.

The simple truth is, if you want to find out the easiest way to discover what interest rate you are earning then register on findfinancialadvice and get in touch with fully qualified, professional advisers with over 10 years experience…..what could be easier? Financial advice doesn’t have to be complicated.

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