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    • has been set up to empower consumers to enable them to find the right FinancialAdvice.Find Financial Advice only uses FCA regulated financial advisers with financial services experience who have all been vetted. Some of the benefits of using this service are:

    • Free – there is NO COST to use this site, it is FREE

    • Independent – we are NOT owned by any bank or financial services company

    • Trustworthy – we will only pass your details to ONE recommended IFA

    • 3rd Parties – we do NOT pass or sell your information to any other third parties is set up for people who are fed up with getting the wrong advice and being misled, missold, being bombarded with legal and financial jargon. will put you in touch with a financial adviser who is FCA regulated, has experience in the financial services industry and will take as much time as you need to ensure your needs are met, and that you understand the details too!

    Building a long-term relationship with a financial adviser is extremely important, therefore only recommends advisers who are able to work and plan with you for the  long-term.

    Consumers simply want to know:

    • What solutions are there?
    • Which solution is right for me?
    • Can you please help me implement this and hold my hand through the process?