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Find a trusted financial adviserCreating an investment property portfolio using a limited company as the vehicle to purchase those properties can offer many benefits, including the potential to mitigate your tax liability. Rental income in this setup would be subject to corporation tax instead of income tax, and despite planned corporation tax rises, there could still be savings for higher rate taxpayers.

If you own a limited company for this purpose, you may need help finding the best buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages that are available to limited companies – and that’s where FindFinancialAdvice comes in.

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FindFinancialAdvice boasts a wide selection of experienced limited company mortgage brokers the length and breadth of the UK. We can put you in contact with trusted local limited company mortgage advisers by simply adding your postcode and a few details. One of the best reasons to use our service is that it is completely free– but here’s some more:

  • All our limited company mortgage advisers are FCA approved and regulated
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  • The adviser isn’t part of any bank or building society for full transparency

What to expect in your limited company mortgage consultation?

Your limited company mortgage broker will discuss your company’s needs and preferences to help identify the most suitable type of mortgage needed. You’ll have ample opportunities to ask questions and seek clarity on specific aspects of the mortgage, and they will search the whole market to try to find you the best deal at the time.