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The Thatcher Government passed legislation that gives most council house tenants the right to buy their home with a significant discount applied. Some tenants could even buy their current home with a £96,000 discount outside of London, or a discount over £127,900 if they live in London.

The legislation and process of buying your council home can be confusing with a lot to consider. Thus, it can be highly beneficial to get Right to Buy advice from a Right-to-Buy mortgage broker.

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Your Right-to-Buy mortgage meeting – what to expect

Expect a friendly chat with your most suited Right-to-Buy adviser. They will informally explain everything you need to know about the Right-to-Buy scheme and how it may benefit you. You’ll have plenty of chances to ask questions and even opt in to further services, such as finding you a Right-to-Buy mortgage from the whole of the market, so you don’t miss out on deals.