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Find a trusted financial adviserSelf-employed workers are some of the hardest workers in the UK, having to work long hours while juggling plenty of administration tasks to boot. So, it seems quite unfair that self-employed people can sometimes struggle to get a mortgage or secure a deal equivalent to what is offered to regular PAYE employees.

The good news is that FindFinancialAdvice can effortlessly put you in touch with a self-employed mortgage broker who has a proven track record of getting self-employed workers the mortgage deal they deserve.

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FindFinancialAdvice will connect you with a self-employed mortgage broker who lives near to you, allowing you to book a face-to-face consultation nearby. Simply enter your postcode and requirements, and we will pass on your details to one of the mortgage advisors in your area that specialises in self-employed mortgages. Reasons to use our service are:

  • All advisers are FCA approved and regulated
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  • We only pass on your information to the most relevant adviser, so you are never bombarded with calls and options.
  • FindFinancialAdvice is not attached to any mortgage advice or brokerage company

What to expect in your self-employed mortgage advice consultation?

The next step is to arrange a consultation with your self-employed mortgage broker. Your consultation is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification about mortgages for self-employed people. The adviser will assess your situation and make a recommendation on what type of mortgage to apply for, and then search the whole market for self-employed mortgages on your behalf. They can even help with the application process.